Jayne Perkins

About Me

Since graduating from Bath Academy of Art in graphics and art education, I have pursued a career teaching Art in many far-flung schools and colleges around the world. From Scotland via America to the Middle East and back.

Although oil painting was my chosen medium at college, watercolour soon became my passion. This happened quite unexpectedly while living in Riyadh when I was invited to teach the subject and just couldn’t say no! Once established in the role I fell in love with the medium to the extent that I am still teaching the subject today from my studio in Hampshire.

More recently my interest in landscape painting has led to a quest to interpret not only the visual beauty of landscapes but its texture, colour and form. To this end I have discovered pastel which I find helps me to recreate more than just the surface beauty of landscapes and hopefully allows the onlooker to step onto the rocky crags or dip their hands into the cool water.

Telephone: 01256 883882 
Mobile: 07767606604
email: jayne@jayneperkins.co.uk